Make an Impact

Climate change is arguably the most critical sustainability issue of our time. Its effects are being felt around the corner and around the world. Solving the climate change challenge will require action on all fronts and at all levels from businesses, governments, and individuals.

For 15 years, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) has served as a leading voice for sensible action to address the challenges of climate change and energy use.  While most of the work at C2ES has traditionally focused on providing research and solutions for business and policy leaders, it has become increasingly clear that individual choices about energy use are an important part of the solution.

In response, C2ES partnered with companies like Alcoa, Entergy Corporation and Bank of America to provide the tools that enable employee action at home and in the community to live more sustainably. With every step we take to become more energy efficient, we are saving money for ourselves and helping the environment in the process.

The Make an Impact program features: 

  • This dynamic website with tips, tools and resources on how to reduce energy bills and live more sustainably;
  • A custom-built carbon calculator with the most up-to-date and credible energy data, users calculate their personal footprint and then compare their results to the local average. Motivated users can then pledge to reduce their emissions and save money;
  • A comprehensive outreach program of educational workshops and hands-on activities to support local action and encourage sustainable change;
  • One-on-one expert consulting to build successful employee engagement programs to meet corporate sustainability goals.





  • Alcoa Foundation, founding partner, 2008
  • Entergy Corporation, 2009
  • Bank of America, 2010
  • Time Warner Cable, 2013
  • Novelis, 2014

Individually, our partners are making a difference as they educate and engage their workforce. Together they represent more than 400,000 employees around the world – a scale that can truly Make an Impact.



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 Employee Engagement MVP Award Winner







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Gold Stevie Winner, American Business Awards 

Global Issues Campaign of the Year for the Global Energy Pledge Campaign, 2014

In partnership with Bank of America

2014 Gold Stevie Winner American Business Awards






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In partnership with Time Warner Cable


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In partnership with Entergy Corporation

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Honorable Mention, PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards 

Change Our 2Morrow: Schools Challenge, Best Issue/Cause Advocacy Campaign, 2012

In partnership with Alcoa Corporation

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