Make an Impact: C2ES Pledges CO2 Reduction of 6 Million Pounds

In conjunction with its participation in the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative America meeting in early June, C2ES made a commitment to double the scope and reach of its Make an Impact program in the coming year. Under the commitment, Make an Impact will achieve an aggregate reduction of 6 million pounds of carbon dioxide through the actions and commitments of 16,000 individuals.

Make an Impact is a partnership between C2ES and companies like Alcoa, Entergy and Bank of America to provide the information and the tools that enable employees to take action to live more sustainably. Through the use of a unique online carbon calculator and pledge list, C2ES secures commitments from individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by specified amounts. Last year, more than 8,000 people made commitments to energy-saving and emissions-reducing activities through Make an Impact.

“At C2ES, we believe that climate change and energy are two of the most important challenges of our time and that people need to understand on an individual basis the opportunities and challenges of dealing with those issues,” said Manik Roy, vice president for strategic outreach with C2ES, in a video announcement of the commitment. C2ES plans to meet its commitment by teaming up with new partners in both the private and public sectors to broaden the reach of the Make an Impact program in the coming year. Click here for more information on C2ES.