America Recycles

Recycling is a habit being picked up by more and more Americans every day. But recycling rates for materials such as aluminum and paper continue to be lower in the United States than the global rate. Celebrate this America Recycles Day on November 15 by thinking about your recycling habits and looking for new ways to help your community save energy and money.

Why recycle?


What can you do?

In a word, recycle!  Start by learning more about recycling from these great resources:

  • Make an Impact. The Make an Impact recycling guide identifies all of the different products in your home that can be recycled
  • The Make an Impact Carbon Calculator. Be sure to check out the Make an Impact Carbon Calculator on the Make an Impact site.  If you haven’t registered for the calculator and measured your carbon footprint before and after recycling, now’s the time!
  • This site includes a web tool that lets you find recycling resources for various products in your own zip code.
  • See what others are doing and what you can do in your community at this official site of the celebration.