Tips for the Energy Savvy Renter

Brochure of a Renter's Guide to Energy EfficiencyOne in three. That's how many U.S. households are occupied by renters. It is a population of 94.5 million people living in 38.8 million homes in cities, suburbs, and small towns across the country. If you¹re one of the millions of Americans who rents your home, check out what you can do to start saving energy and money right away. By taking action, you can also become a part of the solution to energy and climate challenges ­a role that we all share.

Are you a Renter?

Being an energy efficient renter means you will have lower energy bills, save money, and have a lighter footprint on the environment.

  • Look for the green renter friendly icons throughout the site to learn about what you can do to save money and energy.
  • Get started making your impact by downloading a Renter's Guide to Energy Efficiency brochure and following the tips.

Are you a Landlord?

Improving the energy efficiency of your rental units can benefit you and your tenants for a number of reasons. Efficient housing increases the financial stability of your tenants, improves whole building performance; and increases your property value.

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