Climate Change for Kids

We all need energy to get things done. Whether we’re using the computer, riding the bus to school or helping our parents cook dinner, all of us are using energy all the time.  We need lights so we can see at night, hot water heaters so we can take showers and baths, and refrigerators to keep our food and drinks fresh and cold.  We all need energy to power our daily lives.

Our planet has provided us with all the energy we’ve needed for years, but just like you’d get tired and worn out after playing outside too much on a hot day, Mother Earth is starting to get worn out from all of our energy use.  Some of the fuels we use to create our energy pollute the air with gases (known as greenhouse gases) that get trapped in our Earth’s atmosphere.  These gases warm the Earth, changing our climate, and causing negative impacts for animals and humans alike.

There's a lot you can learn about global warming. To help, visit our Key Climate Questions about global warming page or check out our Top Ten Tips to help stop climate change. You can also explore other kid-friendly websites from our list of Kids' Climate Resources.