Donating Unwanted Items

Less than 5% of all personal computers are donated to schools, charities or nonprofit organizations. However, donation can be an easy, tax-friendly way to dispose of your obsolete electronics. The following organizations put your used electronics to good use:
Electronics Industry Alliance The Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA), a national trade organization that includes the full spectrum of U.S. electronics product manufacturers, maintains a listing of organizations nationwide that accept donations of electronics products.
Computers For Schools An organization addressing the digital divide through an extraordinary, nationwide partnership. The Computers for Schools Program welcomes contribution of quality computer equipment and support dollars to accomplish their refurbishing work from donors across the nation. This website gives information on how to donate your computer to the nonprofit sector.
EAL Works! Educational Assistance Ltd. turns excess inventory, gently used equipment, services, and other donations into college scholarships for needy students.
The 911 Cell Phone Bank  The 911 Cell Phone Bank is an organization set up to ensure that seniors and victims have access to emergency 911 communications. The donated phones are either refurbished for reuse or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
Find more donation programs at Earth 911