What Can I Recycle?

What you can recycle usually depends on where you live and the services offered in your area. The first place you should call when you want to learn how to recycle something is your local recycling, solid waste, environment, or public works department. The names of these departments vary from place to place, but all local governments should be able to help you identify the recycling options in your area. You can also ask the company or organization that picks up your garbage or that operates your local disposal facility about recycling options.

There are also a few other resources:

  • Your state environmental agency may be able to help. The U.S. EPA maintains a list of these agencies.
  • The store where you originally bought the product may know about recycling options. This is particularly true for durable goods (e.g. furniture, electronics, appliances, etc.)
  • Smartphone apps like iRecycle can use your location and help you quickly learn your local disposal options for hundreds of common household items. 

 Learn more about recycling at the National Recycling Coalition or check the Local Resources section.