Ways to Reduce

Developing habits or actions that work to prevent waste and the throw-away mentality will ultimately save energy and reduce your impact on the planet. 

Here are few tips to help you reduce: 

  • Carry Your Own Tote: Most plastic bags end up in landfills and the ocean – taking up valuable landfill space and never decomposing. To avoid using plastic bags carry a foldable reusable bag for your trips to the store and takeout restaurants.
  • Skip Single Use Items: skip throw-away flatware and plastic bottled water - choose washable silverware and reusable water bottles.
  • Do Durable: Purchase quality items that will withstand the tests of time. This includes furniture, home appliances, and cookware. You can save money and reduce waste by doing routine maintenance.
  • Eliminate Junk Mail: Ask to be removed from mailing lists and unwanted catalogs. Call in to national or local lists to ask that your address be deleted from the commercial and advertising record system. This will cut back on your paper waste. Sign up for the National Do Not Mail List and visit Stop Junk Mail for more information.
  • Go Paperless: Many companies offer online accounts and services. This can reduce your paper bills, catalogs and reports before they are printed to avoid filling up your recycling bin.
  • Grow Your Own Garden: If you want to know where your produce comes from and want to avoid trips to the store, grow your own food. Likewise, you can put your own food waste back into your garden as compost. Before you get started get your soil tested for toxins, and read our sections on compost and mulch. You will have a flourishing garden in no time.