Reuse Everyday Items

Reusing products, when possible, is even better than recycling because the item does not require reprocessing. Consider these common actions to help you reuse different items: 

  • Give Items a Second Life: Oftentimes large and reusable items are sent to landfills where they take up valuable space and are not able to break down for many years. Instead of contributing more waste, opt to donate the item to a charitable outlet like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or Vietnam Veterans. These gently used items can be repaired and redistributed.
  • Use Rechargeable Batteries: While single-use batteries are now cleaner than they used to be, their limited lifetimes still lead to waste.  Rechargeable batteries are a great alternative that will be cheaper in the long run.  All you'll need is a charging unit that plugs into the wall to extend your battery life.
  • Re-Purpose & DIY: You can give old items new purposes. Be innovative--turn barn doors into kitchen cabinets, or reuse glass jars as to hold office paperclips--big or small, reusing items can help prevent waste and turn it into something wonderful. 
  • Shop & Sell at Consignments: Buying and selling at consignment earns you spare cash and allows others to reuse your unwanted items. Consider having a yard sale to make some cash and give others a chance to reuse your items.

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