Cool Down with Fans & Ventilation


Fans use far less energy than air conditioning. Unless you live in an extremely humid climate consider opting for ceiling fans or standing fans instead of blasting your air conditioner. 

  • It’s Easy and Breezy: The breeze created by fans cools you, but won’t change the temperature of the room, so turn them off when not in use to save electricity.
  • Choose the Right Location: Installing a fan on the top-floor ceiling will increase efficiency and better circulate your air. Likewise placing a fan in a central location in your apartment will allow air to move freely and cool you. Look for Energy Star rated ceiling fans.
  • Open Doors & Windows: You can have natural ventilation by opening doors and windows. This will circulate fresh air inside your home (just remember to turn off your air conditioner). 
  • Use a Whole House Fan: Consider whole house fans as an alternative to air conditioning. This system circulates air by pulling fresh air from outside to cool the entire house. To see if this option could work for your home seek out a professional opinion and learn more from Energy Savers
  • Use Appliance Fans: The exhaust fans commonly found in your kitchen range hood, bathrooms, or basement provide spot ventilation to remove and circulate air in locations where you may be exposed to pollutants.

For more information visit Department of Energy’s ventilation page.