No Cost Options to Reduce Cooling Costs & Energy


You can save energy and money while using air conditioning with these simple steps:

  • Get With the Program: A saved temperature setting that cools while you are home and cuts off when you are out will better manage the energy use of the entire system. 
  • Change With the Seasons: In the warmer months keep your thermostat set higher—around 78 degrees—and consider using a fan to cool. You save 3-5% on air conditioning costs for every degree you raise your thermostat.
  • Keep Energy In Its Place: Cool air will escape through open doors and windows. If you want a natural breeze, turn off your air conditioner to avoid wasting energy. And if you use individual room air conditioners, try to avoid cooling empty or unoccupied rooms. 
  • Use Shades and Drapes: Installing shades or drapes will help avoid the hot sun from increasing the temperature inside.

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