Adjusting Your Thermostat

  •  Day & Night: Turn down the thermostat at night and when you're away from home. If you lower your home temperature when you leave for work until you return home (6-8 hours later) the adjustment can save you about 2% on your heating bill.  A good rule of thumb is to set the thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. 
  • Get With the Program: A new wave of thermostats now allow you to control the temperature of your home with ease. To get the most from your thermostat, program out all your desired settings. Set the recommended temperatures for day, night, while you sleep, the seasonal months, and while you are away on vacation – your thermostat will already know to set to that desired temperature when you are expected home. Programmable thermostats, which now start around $20, are an investment that can be recovered through energy savings in the first year or so.
  • Consider Smart Technologies: Today, consumers also can take advantage of new technologies that let you remotely control your home’s heating and cooling, lighting, and more – all from your smart phone. Online access makes it more convenient to adjust the lights and thermostat if you’re away. Some products even try to learn your preferences over time, making it easy to “set it and forget it.” These sophisticated energy management technologies treat your home like a system rather than a collection of plugs. The information they provide let homeowners make better decisions about when and how to use energy. One smart technology company touts 10 percent savings on energy bills.


Learn more about programming your thermostat at PG&E.