No-Cost Options to Reduce Heating Costs


Heating generally accounts for 35-50% of annual energy costs in colder parts of the country and is often the largest energy expense in our homes.  These simple actions can help you save energy and money right away. 

  • Turn down the thermostat when you are away from home. In most homes, you can save about 2% of your heating bill for each degree that you lower the thermostat for at least 8 hours each day.  Programmable thermostats can automatically control temperature for time of day and season. If programmed properly, you can expect to recover the cost of the thermostat in the first year or so.  Learn more on programming your thermostat at PG&E
  • Close off rooms that are not in use to save on heating bills.
  • Ceiling fans can assist in heating during the winter. Operate the ceiling fan at low speed in the clockwise direction when viewed from below.
  • Open shades and curtains to allow winter sun into your home to naturally provide heat.
  • Tightly close the fireplace damper when not in use.

Reducing your energy use is easy and affordable. Learn more at the Consumer Energy Center.