Energy Efficient Light Bulbs


Incandescent bulbs (or lamps) may be the most common lighting type in American homes, but they are not the most efficient. Did you know only 10% of the electricity they use is converted into useable light? -- the rest is wasted as heat. CFLs and other energy efficient bulbs offer a variety of brightness levels, colors, and dimming and sensing options. Though these features may cost a little more upfront, know they are worth the investment as they save more energy and money over their lifetime use.

If you want energy efficient light bulbs think about these options:

  • Say Yes to CFLs: Energy efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in fixtures throughout your home or apartment provide high-quality and high-efficiency lighting. These lights can even last about 4 to 10 times longer than the incandescent!
  • Get to Know LEDs: What is the best available technology for long lasting light? It is the light emitting diode (LED). This bulb boasts a lifetime up to 25,000 hours compared to the 10,000 hour lifetime of the CFL. The technology behind this very efficient option is quickly improving, and while the cost was once prohibitive, today the LED bulbs are becoming cost-competitive with CFLs.  

Still Not Convinced? Do Some Math: Find your own potential lighting savings using the National Energy Efficiency Development Project’s 25,000 hour light bulb graphic to compare costs of the incandescent, the halogen, the CFL, and LED. 

Check out the Lumen Coalition to learn how to save more on your lighting choices.

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