Improve Your Lighting Efficiency


By intentionally positioning lamps or choosing how you use light fixtures in your house or apartment you can brighten your room and use less energy. Here are some simple ways to save energy with smart lighting:

  • Click Off Lights: Turning off the lights in any room(s) that you aren’t using will save you from wasting energy. Consider installing timers, photocells, or occupancy sensors to reduce the amount of time your lights are on.
  • Use Task Lighting: Instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the light where you need it. 
  • 3-Way Switches: Many bulbs today offer three-way switches with low, medium and high light levels. This option allows you to keep lighting low and focused when brighter light is not necessary.
  • Reflect the Light: Use 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with reflective backing and electronic ballasts for your workspaces like the garage, kitchen or laundry areas to make the most of your light. 
  • Efficiently Light the Night: Consider using 4-watt mini-fluorescent or electro-luminescent night-lights in halls, bedrooms or bathrooms. These lights are much more efficient and the luminescent lights are cool to the touch.
  • Use Free Daylight: Take advantage of daylight by pulling up the window shades or using light-colored curtains to allow natural light into the room. Also, try decorating with mirrors and lighter colors to reflect all possible light.

Find out more about lighting from Energy Star and suggestions about lighting design from American Lighting Association