Rent Your Gear

Renting outdoor gear helps to reduce emissions because it keeps you from having to buy new products, saving natural resources, energy and water, and reducing the strain on landfills. Americans buy over $5 billion worth of outdoor gear annually. All of these products require energy, water, chemicals, and land to produce. Renting gear works well for those new to a sport as well as those who partake in outdoor adventures infrequently. Gear can be rented from a variety of sources:

  1. Outdoor education centers: Many higher education institutions—colleges, universities, community organizations—rent equipment for low fees to students and non-students alike.
  2. Try before you buy: Outdoor equipment stores often have “try it before you buy it” programs, allowing you to rent the latest equipment before making a big investment.
  3. Hire online: There are some online swap sites that allow you to borrow or rent from people in your area.  Check out and
  4. Raid your friend’s closet: Got an outdoor enthusiast for a friend? They may have some outdoor equipment they’d lend you—a good option when others fail.

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