Appliance Trade-In Rebates

Your utility may even pay you to get rid of inefficient appliances. These programs usually involve an incentive on the order of $35 for the collection of old units, either in the form of cash or a rebate towards an ENERGY STAR replacement. A third party contractor that works with the utility will either come to you and pick up the appliance, or hold a turn-in event where you drop it off. Existing programs predominantly target old refrigerators; a few programs also offer a rebate for room air conditioners. Ask your contractor to ensure that the old units are disposed of properly.

Companies like ARCA Inc., JACO Environmental, and CSG run recycling ‘bounty’ programs for the sustainable recycling of old appliances. To bring a bounty program to your community, or for more information on bounty programs, try contacting your electricity provider, your local air protection government official, or the previously mentioned companies.

Learn more at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy