Buying Gently Used Items

As the adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can find the latest trendy items right around the corner at second-hand stores. Shopping at these stores and from local sellers helps you support your community and reduces the impact of importing goods. It also gives you the opportunity to convert something used into something new. 
A few places to shop for gently used items:

  • Go Online: With new shopping markets like CraigslistEbay or Freecycle, you can purchase gently used items near you for a fraction of the original cost. 
  • Search for Consignments: Consignment shopping can be treasure hunting; you never know what you may find. Opt to buy and sell your own unwanted items to make a little cash.
  • Find Flea Markets & Yard Sales: You can find unique items from furniture and tools to household goods at these markets. Oftentimes you can negotiate on price - which is not possible at department stores.