Reuse Your Shopping Bag

Plastic bags are a unique because they do not biodegrade – they photodegrade. That means your plastic shopping bag will always be plastic, just broken down into into micro sized toxic parts. These parts are what contaminate waterways, soils and wildlife habitats. 
Here are a few ideas to help you avoid using plastic bags:

  • Carry Reusable Bags: Carrying foldable bags with you when you are out and about will eliminate the need to use plastic bags. These bags are even easy to maintain, most can be tossed in the washer and hang dry quickly.
  • Reuse, then Return for Recycling: Keeping plastic bags out of the landfill will help keep toxins out of the environment. Many shopping chains offer take back programs where you can return plastic bags. If your store does not try finding a recycling center that takes plastic bags. 

Visit Earth 911 to learn more about plastic and search this database to find your nearest plastic bag recycling center.