Ways to Avoid Excess Packaging

Did you know packaging accounts for a third of all household waste? And that most packaging ends up in a landfill? Landfills contribute gross amounts of pollution and emissions to the air, in part because packaging decomposes at such a slow rate. 
To cut down emissions and collecting unwanted packaging try the following tips:

  • Be a Conscious Consumer: When you buy any sort of good or product, think about how it is wrapped, packaged and carried. Make your purchasing habits count and buy goods that have less packaging.
  • Recycle: It is that simple. To reduce your waste contribution purchase goods made of recyclable materials so then you can put them into the recycling bin. 
  • Use Reusables: Food utensils, disposable drinks, and other throwaways contribute a large percentage to packaging waste. Using a personal coffee mug or lunch container can help cut down on this throwaway waste.
  • Be Smart About Quantity: Buying in bulk can be useful when you use the item daily. Otherwise, be smart about the quantity of goods you need or do not need. Buying in bulk can increase unwanted packaging, so think before you spend.
  • Avoid Pre-Packaged Items: Fruit and other produce are often packaged in containers or trays. Make an effort to choose products that are not over-wrapped in packaging.
  • Select Concentrate: Items that offer concentrated liquids use less packaging. Additionally, these items save on energy because the formula uses less water. This allows larger product quantities to be transported saving on space and weight. Look for concentrate with items such as natural cleaning products, canned goods, and laundry detergents. 

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