Commercial buildings consume more than 33% of all energy generated in the United States- and lighting is the biggest culprit. Quality office lighting is an important factor in employee satisfaction and productivity, but quality doesn't have to be sacrificed to save energy.

  • Switch all lights to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which are three to four times more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. Try ordering in bulk and negotiating a competitively bid contract.
  • Consider energy-efficient electronic ballasts, which allow employees to control workspace lighting by increasing dimming capabilities and reducing start-up time, noise, flicker, and heat output.
  • Encourage others to maximize natural lighting and to turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Using motion and occupancy sensors can cut energy use by 10%. Ask your employer to consider installing motion sensors in lesser traveled hallways, restrooms, conference rooms, and storage areas.

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