Manage Office Equipment Energy Use

Office equipment and electronics use energy even when idle or on stand-by. To save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at work, always activate the power management features on your computer and monitor, unplug laptop power cords when not in use and turn off equipment and lights at the end of the day.
To maximize power savings during the day, computers should be set to enter standby mode after 5-20 minutes of inactivity. In order to change this setting click on Start, then click on Settings and then click on the Control Panel icon. From here double click on the Display icon and then change your Screen Saver Energy settings.
Consider using a power strip (or surge protector) that can be turned off when you're done using your computers, printers, wireless routers and other electronics.  This may be a simpler solution to remembering to turn off all your electronic equipment every day.

Learn more at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)