Carpooling is among the most efficient solutions out there for cutting back on your personal contribution to greenhouse gases. If just 1 million more people carpooled every day, it would avoid approximately 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide from direct fuel savings alone -- every day. Carpooling also reduces congestion, which makes every other vehicle on the road more efficient. It reduces the need for more lanes, and it reduces vehicle wear and tear, saving significant resources down the line. As an added benefit, using carpool lanes can drastically cut down on commute time.

Many companies have rideshare and vanshare programs, and some will even subsidize costs. Most metropolitan regions have some kind of online and phone-based system for connecting carpoolers. The internet is also a great resource. Start at a free national service connecting commuters and travelers, Craigslist, or try a simple web search for "carpool [yourcity]".

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