Growing Your Curb Appeal

Many options are available to spruce up your curb appeal. All plants require different amounts of water, sun and shade to survive, so it's easy to find plants that are attractive, low maintenance, and enhance your property and local environment.

  • Go Native: Native plants enhance the local landscape and invite local wildlife to bring balance to your garden ecosystem. Native species are typically not dependent on chemicals, fertilizers, or lots of water, unlike many exotic non-native species. By picking local plants you will use less energy, save water and provide added biodiversity to your property.
  • Timing is Everything: Choose a mix of annual and perennial plants to create a more vibrant garden throughout the seasons. Once you establish perennials, they will require little supplemental water and maintenance and annuals offer temporary pops of color for a season or two.
  • Add Texture & Color: Ornamental grasses offer texture and some color especially in the colder seasons when there are less flowering plants. Consult local experts to choose the right varieties. 

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