Smart Lawn & Landscape Choices

Lawns make for an attractive landscape, but all the mowing, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, and raking can be extremely water and energy intensive. With a little planning and care, you can create a beautiful lawn area that has a low impact and allows you to maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.  

  • Make Space Count: Decide how much open space you need for kids or pets. Remember smaller lawns are easier to manage and will take less water to maintain. Less mowing and yard work means more time spent enjoying the outdoors.
  • Be Water Savvy: Grass is a very thirsty plant (and requires a lot of maintenance!), so consider converting part of your lawn to other types of low maintenance garden plants and landscapes. Check out our Water In the Yard section and local plant nurseries to make sure you get native plant, shrub and tree species.
  • Mix It Up: Innovative landscape options do exist! Many homes, apartments and office buildings are using the motto reduce, reuse and recycle to create the “new” lawn. For some inspiration visit the California Native Plant Society, to get started making a “new” lawn of rocks, recycled turf, or wildflowers that showcases your landscape sense and creativity.

Visit Ecological Landscaping Association to explore additional tips about sustainable landscaping.