Irrigation Techniques

Proper irrigation means a few different things. Try these tips to make sure you are watering your yard and plants in the most efficient way. 

  • Be Smart: Smart sprinkler controllers are devices that monitor and use information about your yard to apply the right amount of water. A smart system considers soil type, fluctuations in the weather, and the needs of your plants. Learn more about this water-saving technology from Irrigation Association. 
  • Choose the Drip System: Experts estimate more than 50% of the water applied to the yard is lost as runoff or evaporation. Drip irrigation systems exceed 90% efficiency for garden beds and plants. Drip irrigation emitters are series of tubes that slowly release water. Remember to place the tube system over the root or near the base of plants. This enables the plants to soak up the valuable water. To learn more about the basics of drip irrigation or how to set up your system visit Colorado State University.
  • Check Your Sprinkler System: Replace any parts that are broken or not working. Check each sprinkler head to make sure it is watering the yard and not the pavement. If necessary, re-calibrate your system to apply no more than 1 inch of water per application. 
  • Utilize Natural Rainfall: Design and keep a garden or yard that can live off of natural rainfall amounts. Consider purchasing or building rain barrels to collect rainfall for later use around the yard. Learn more about using a rain barrel from Rain Barrels Intl.